Sanctuary Cities

Question 1

A sanctuary city refers to a town or county in America that follows given methods, which help in sheltering illegal immigrants (Apsan). These methods can either be used by action or by law. Sanctuary city is also used in most cases to refer to the towns that refuse resources or municipal funds to help in furthering the enforcement of the immigration laws. Sanctuary cities refuse both the municipal employees as well as the police from inquiring about immigration statuses of the people. Nevertheless, this term does not hold a legal meaning.

Question 2

The governor of Texas Greg Abbott has pledged that he will ban sanctuary cities/counties in his state since other mayors and governors continue promising that they will shelter immigrants (Pollock & Blanchard). Additionally, the governor has issued an order for the funding allocated to sanctuary cities to be cut. The governor continues to take a hard stance line concerning the subject of immigrants. Furthermore, Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to not only revoke the funding, but he also suggested that government officials promoting sanctuary cities should be ejected from their offices. Moreover, in this legislation session, he has made this issue a priority item. On the other hand, the Travis County Sheriff focuses on keeping the promise she made during her campaign. At the beginning of this year, the office of the Sheriff announced the inmates who have been flagged by the federal immigration police to be deported potentially would be released.

Question 3

I do not think that the president’s executive orders on threatening the funding of any municipal deemed as a sanctuary city and that which puts the priority on the enforcement of local criminal law over the use of federal immigration law is a necessary law. I believe so because it is unnecessary for him to refute these sanctuary places funding just because they prioritize offering immigrants a haven that denies police and others from inquiring about their immigration statuses. Furthermore, I believe that this law is a form of punishment against these cities because they refuse to follow the decision laid out by the federal government.

Question 4

The Texas bill filed by Senator Charles Perry focuses on ensuring the end of sanctuary cities in Texas (Weissert). The said bill is rendered a priority in this legislative session that begun in January. The provisions of the bill include forcing municipalities to comply with those detaining immigrants. It also focuses on refuting the municipalities the ability to discourage or prohibit officers from asking the immigration statuses of people during lawful stops. Another provision of the bill concerns withholding state grants if any law is violated by an entity. Moreover, the law provides that a person’s immigration status should be input in his or her case. Finally, the other provision of the bill focuses on protecting victims and witnesses of crimes who are illegally here.

Question 5

One advantage of sanctuary cities is that it is safer due to it advocating healthy relationships between law enforcers and undocumented immigrants (ProCon). On the other hand, sanctuary cities create a dangerous environment for American citizens since it harbors criminals. Nevertheless, I believe that these sanctuary cities are needed because they help and protect innocent immigrants from being deported because of the faults of others. Additionally, they also assist in ensuring that these innocent immigrants are protected from federal immigration laws.

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